Betrayals. By Jen Pastiloff.

No matter what it looks like, no matter how you feel, NEVER, NEVER, GIVE UP!

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I wrote this piece a few years ago but I somehow can’t find it on the site so I am reposting. Happy Monday night, beloveds! Thanks for being such unfreakingbelievable readers and devotees to The Manifest-Station. The site has been hitting 10k a day the last couple of days! Send us your submissions! Love, Jen

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Betrayals. By Jen Pastiloff.

Well, there’s the big one.

My father coming home with chocolate covered marshmallows for me on July 14, 1983 before changing into his hideous frayed jean shorts and a yellow Cancun t-shirt with the faded sun across it. Then, on July 15, smoking his last cigarette and quietly exiting out of his contract as a parent without so much as a goodbye. Death doesn’t always allot for goodbyes. I get that. But still, a betrayal, nonetheless.

Then the smaller ones:

My boyfriend (even though I wasn’t allowed to…

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A total transformation…

This video will absolutely amaze you as to the wonderful world of renewal and transformation.